Why you should sign the green pledge ?

“All of us as a citizen of this planet can play a role in helping to reduce pollution and improve environment parameters . We can do this by making a simple pledge to act as a responsible citizen and therefore you are requested to please sign the Green Pledge. Thank you for your supporting the commitment to the environment to benefit the present and future generations by your simple and easy to do actions as mentioned in the Green Pledge”.
By: PP Rtn Arvinder S. Brara
Chairman & Managing Director
Mantec Consultants Pvt. Ltd.


I, as a responsible citizen, interested in improving the environment parameters in my city, pledge to do the following :

Air Pollution :

Water Pollution:
  • Will not throw any garbage in the rivers or water bodies.
  • Will not discharge any untreated waste in the rivers or water bodies.

Water Conservation:
  • Bathing : Will use a bucket and mug instead of shower or running water.
  • Brushing : Will close tap when not in use.
  • Vehicle Washing : will use cloth and a bucket of water instead of hose pipe.
  • Floor Washing : Will use wet cloth for mopping instead of hose pipe.
  • Gardening : Will use a sprinkler or drip irrigation instead of using hose pipe to flood the area.
  • Toilet Flushing : Will use smaller tank or will put a brick in the large tank to reduce water storage quantity.
  • Leaking Taps, faucets valves etc: Will attend leaking taps immediately.
  • Close Taps Fully : Will close taps fully in wash basins, baths and WCs to stop dripping of water.
  • Washing Clothes / Dishwasher : Will use washing machines and dishwashers to economise on usage of water.
  • Rain Water Harvesting : Will collect rain water to recharge the ground water or store it for appropriate use.
  • Will use the waste water of RO Unit for watering the plants.
  • Will encourage RWA to install sewage recycling facility and use the treated water for gardening.
  • While considering buying a plot or flat I will encourage builder to recycle sewage for using treated waste water for gardening or will encourage builder to use soak pits for natural treatment of sewage. Zero discharge will be the goal.

Noise Pollution:
  • Will not blow horns unnecessarily.
  • Will not use high decibel loud speakers in the marriage or other functions.
  • Will turn off Appliances at Home and offices like TV, Games etc when not in use.
  • Will follow the Limits of Noise levels as per rules.
  • Will go Green by planting trees to reduce noise levels and improve the environment.

Management of Solid Waste
  • Will segregate Kitchen waste , recyclable bottles and cans and paper waste by having three containers for the same.
  • Will do composting where applicable which enriches soil, helping retain moisture and suppress plant diseases and pests and also reduces methane emissions from landfills and lowers carbon footprint.
  • Will give valuable metals, glass, paper, etc. for recycling as all these materials could be reused instead of filling-up landfills. Some of the valuable metals such as copper, aluminium, iron, steel, etc, can be very easily recycled and turned into profit. Recycling can significantly reduce the emission of greenhouse gases. It can save on non-reusable resources as well as water and landfill space, and most of all it can save energy.
  • Will not use plastic bags when shopping by using my own fabric/cloth bags so that the plstic bags, which do not decompose, do not pollute the soil , beaches, water bodies, etc. 

Climate Change
You can help create a better climate future for you and your children and grandchildren by doing the following:
  • Use renewable/solar energy : The most direct and long-term cost-savings approach is to install solar panels at your home, office, factory, etc wherever feasible. This helps you to save considerably on electricity bills while helping the environment as well. Advocate for your community to install more renewable energy/solar infrastructure.
  • Electrify your home and transportation : If our utility companies switch to low-carbon sources for generating electricity, then we all can reduce greenhouse gas emissions by running various systems with electricity instead of fossil fuels..If you can, drive an electric car, in addition to avoiding emissions, you'll be using a vehicle that is much more energy efficient and saves on petrol/diesel fuel costs.. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, at least 77% of the energy used by an electric car goes into power at the wheels, whereas only 12%-30% of the energy used by a gasoline-powered car goes into power at the wheels.
  • Conserve energy : In a fossil-fuel based society, using energy leads to greenhouse gas emissions. And even low-carbon, clean energy sources cause some environmental degradation. It's critical that we find ways to use less energy. Influence businesses and industry by letting them know you want them to be energy efficient. When it's time to replace appliances, buy the most energy-efficient ones you can afford. Switch to LED light bulbs and change your transportation (see below!)
  • Conserve water :We have lots of good reasons not to waste water, and conserving energy is one of them. It takes a lot of energy to clean water, pump it out to buildings, and pump the wastewater back to be cleaned again. That energy use leads to greenhouse gas emissions. Check for leaks and fix them quickly. Avoid excessive watering of your lawn and use only the minimum water you need for your garden. Use a low flow shower head and faucet aerators. Replacing a toilet? Choose a dual flush or low flow one. Monitor your water use—check your water bill.
  • Change your transportation : Reduce driving by walking and biking instead, and using shared transportation, public or private. Fly less. Travel has tremendous benefits, and the cultural exchanges that come from international travel are important for building good will and cooperation. We need those things to solve the climate crisis. But we can be thoughtful about our air travel and try to minimize it.
  • Help conserve and restore forests : Forests excel at taking in and storing carbon. They also provide habitat for our non-human relatives, clean our water and air, prevent flooding and soil erosion, and much more. Advocate for stopping deforestation. Get involved in forest restoration projects. Use fabric replacements for paper towels. Use recycled toilet paper.
  • Practice climate-friendly gardening : Stop using gasoline-powered power tools. Minimize use of synthetic fertilizers. They can lead to emissions of nitrous oxide, a powerful greenhouse gas. Buy locally-grown plants and garden products to minimize transportation emissions. Grow plants that shade your house, to reduce your air conditioning use.
  • Reduce greenhouse gas emission through your food choices : Eat less meat and more plant-based foods. Reduce food waste. Bring your own take-home container to a restaurant to take home leftovers and avoid using a disposable container. One-time-use containers waste resources and energy, leading to greenhouse gas emissions. Compost uneaten food instead of sending it to a landfill where it releases methane when it decomposes.
  • Consume less : It's not about deprivation, it's about living in a way that will sustain our lives and other life on this planet. Reduce the amount of stuff you buy. Slow down and think about your purchasing decisions instead of acting impulsively.

    The above is in line with the mission on life style for Environment (LiFE) being promoted actively and rightly by India's Hon'ble Prime Minister, Mr. Narender Modi

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1 Richard Smith Koln Rodenkirchen
2 Abhijith Jayanthi SimplyJITH Investment Corporation Private Limited Managing Director Hyderabad
3 Abhishek Mohan Mantec consultants pvt ltd IT Specialist Delhi
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13 Adrienne Huggard South Maroota
14 Aileen Jenkinson Rush Springs
15 Air Commodore KR Bali N/A Retd Air Offr of IAF Gurgaon ( Gurugram)
16 Aisha Nunan Arendal
17 Ajay Kumar Rajak CASFOS,Burnihat PT&GI 25
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21 Alex P. Schneeberg
22 Alexandra Conroy compress Parkway invoice
23 Alexandre Rutherford embrace Singapore Denar
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581 Maureen Caraway South Burlington
582 Maybell Acuna
583 Maynard Mccurdy Rykkinn
584 Mazie Hafnafjor?Ur
585 Mckinley Tiller Araxa
586 Megan Atkinson St Mellons
587 Megan Atkinson London
588 Megan Johnstone London
589 Mele Nihipali Hoogezand
590 Melissa Couture London
591 Melissa McClusky Ersmark
592 Mellissa Crow Schwanden
593 Melody Lajoie Hengelo
594 Melva Toomer Detroit
595 Mercedes Booze Mont-Sainte-Aldegonde
596 Micah Shaw Tampa
597 Michael Sinclair Mile End South
598 Michael Sinclair Totnes
599 Michael   Anderson Sabara
600 Michael   Brown Sirai
601 Michael   Brown Paris
602 Michael   Williams Stravignino
603 Michaela Rohu Caldare
604 Michale Eugene
605 Michel Baehr Unterneuhaus
606 Michele Grasellenbach
607 Micheline Lind Raciborz
608 Michelle Goss Grou
609 Mike Bannerman Saint-Die
610 Mike Davids Milford
611 Mike Jones Dallas
612 Mike Roper Edmonton
613 Mila Smith MilaSCOxnard MilaSCOxnard MilaSCOxnard
614 Milo Johns Cambridgeshire Barbados Dollar Cheese
615 Miss Antonietta Streich Tactics Wooden Checking Account
616 Miss Hope Gulgowski Poland Checking Account Cambridgeshire
617 Miss Marilou Boehm auxiliary invoice Berkshire
618 Mittie Fossey Marseille
619 Modesta Leggo Gumprechtsberg
620 Monika Gupta Mantec Consultants Pvt limited Environmental Engineer Noida
621 Monique Earls Blumenau
622 Monique Sharwood Binghamton
623 Monojit Rabha Central Academy for State Forest Service MTS Guwahati
624 Monroe Stanton Tarnagulla
625 Morris Coulombe Saanen
626 Morris Heidenreich solutions Missouri Shoes
627 Mr. Anahi Gerlach neural aggregate Intelligent Cotton Table
628 Mr. Ariel Becker parse Austria USB
629 Mr. Kaden Nicolas Ohio Computers Madagascar
630 Mr. Malinda Ebert haptic Unbranded Fresh Chair Vermont
631 Mrs. Autumn Reilly Markets empower neural-net
632 Mrs. Jalen Pouros Small override Rustic Cotton Hat
633 Ms. Asha Abernathy Gourde US Dollar schemas withdrawal
634 Ms. Ernestina Smitham Universal Implemented EXE
635 Mukesh kumar Mantec consultants Pvt. Ltd. TL New Delhi
636 Nancy Gupta New Delhi
637 Naomi Ugerlose
638 Naomie Labadie Infrastructure Object-based Compatible
639 Naraindra Sahai self Retired Noida
640 Natisha Rabin Leiden
641 Neal Bate Bylane End
642 Neal Kindel Blue Vale
643 Neal Monk Sellebakk
644 Neal Ringler Vitrolles
645 Neeti baluja Atex corp Business partner New delhi
646 Neetu Kumari Mantec Consultants Pvt. Ltd. Business Development Executive Noida
647 Nick James Miami
648 Nick Petrus Acate
649 Nikole Meerle
650 Nisha Central Academy For State Service MTS Guwahati
651 Nishant gupta Rvs dia jewels Owner New delhi
652 Noah Johnson Las Vegas
653 Noemie Schimmel Louisiana Generic Computers
654 Nolan Barge Saint-Etienne
655 Norine Castlegar
656 Norine Gross Szczecin
657 Norris Booker Poznan
658 Okey Hyatt high-level Communications Bacon
659 Omar Mertz Kilbrenan
660 Ori Churchill Stavenisse
661 Orpha Strosin Maryland Baby Concrete
662 Orville Hoch Rotterdam
663 Osvaldo Borders Sandefjord
664 Otilia Watt Reims
665 Otto Wheat Unterweidlham
666 Pablo Royce Montpellier
667 Palma Whitlam Pedergnaga-Oriano
669 Patricia Trieste
670 Patsy Caro Paoli
671 Pattie Boyd Kilkenny
672 Paul Moore Garden City
673 Pearl Imler Crimmitschau
674 Pearlene Nolan Scotstown
675 Philip Bower Biolettes
676 Philip Macejkovic Bermudian Dollar (customarily known as Bermuda Dollar) Avon connecting
677 Philomena Mchugh Haid
678 Philomena Snider Jukkasjarvi
679 Pilar Antone Mikolow
680 Pilar Klem Cairns
681 Pinaki Joardar Central Academy for State Forest Service MTS Kamrup Metro
682 Pooja CASFOS,Burnihat MTS Burnihat
683 PP Nigam Mantec Consultants Pvt Ltd Executive Director New Delhi
684 Prabhat Ranjan Dutta Mantec Consultants Pvt Ltd Environmental Chemist New Delhi
685 Praveen Kumar Technical Advisor Bhiwadi
686 Preeti Mantec Consultants Pvt. Ltd. Environmental Engineer Noida
687 Punati Madhusree Student Hyderabad
688 Puneet Khanna Supertech India Pvt Ltd MD New Delhi
689 Pushpa Sethi Sethi hospital Pvt Ltd Doctor Gurgaon
690 Quincy Perkin Seewis Im Prattigau
691 Rachel Gleason bypassing Representative end-to-end
692 Rafaela Pontius Skagastrond
693 Rahul Sharma Self employed Merchandise Business Delhi
694 Raiyyan Hamza Brinjahe
695 Rajesh vats Owner Keshav dham Gurgaon
696 Rajeshwari Singh DQ Communications Pvt Ltd (deQollab) Co-Founder & CEO Gurugram
697 Rajiv Khanna Garment Director New delhi
698 Rakesh Kumar Central Academy for State Forest Service LDC Guwahati
699 Ramdas Wani Self employed Free lance consultant Vadodara
700 Ramesh Ajit Vaswani Self employed Business & Management Advisor New Delhi
701 Ramkrishnan R CASFOS Burnihat Scientist C Assam
702 Rana data Austin
703 Randy Kopplin Arlington
704 Raul Qualls Beaumont
705 Raven Schaden solutions Rustic 1080p
706 Ravishankar Dhar Dwivedi Basti
707 Raymon Nolte Notteroy
708 Raymond Brunau
709 Reanna Koepp Avon Bedfordshire logistical
710 Rebeca Breitenberg Bedfordshire Analyst hacking
712 Reggie Toohey La Teste-De-Buch
713 Reginald Jacoby NA
714 Reginald King Rubber Principal synthesize
715 Rene Greenhalgh Aigen
716 Renee Grayndler Dalmose
717 Richard Addy Okegem
718 Richard Cole Hamburg Hoheluft-Ost
719 Richard   Taylor Alma
720 Richard   Williams Saint-Priest
721 Richard   Wilson North Arm
722 Richard   Wilson Hattingen Holthausen
723 Riley King RileyNVAnaheim RileyNVAnaheim RileyNVAnaheim
724 Riley Resources Beverly Hills
725 Rishi Narayan Singh Nippon Koei India Pvt Ltd Agriculture & NRM Professional Lucknow/ Jaipur
726 Rita Khan United States
727 Ritika Gupta Mantec Consultants Private Limited Microbiologist Ghaziabad
728 Robert   Anderson Chicago
729 Robert   Brown Landstuhl
730 Robert   Johnson Viskafors
731 Robert   Taylor Neuenhagen
732 Robert   Williams Gulpa
733 Robert   Williams Neuilly-Sur-Marne
734 Robert  Smith Trondheim
735 Rocky Nye Wirraba
736 Rodrigo Everhart Dilkon
737 Rodrigo Granata Udenhout
738 Roland Penney Morlanwelz-Mariemont
739 Roland Sullivan Groningen
740 Rolando Caleb Nogent-Sur-Marne
741 Rolland Hare Zandvoort
742 Roma Carrillo Kuchling
743 Roman Hoppe Soft methodologies Awesome Frozen Chair
744 Romeo Gabbard New Westminster
745 Ronald Mack Oldenzaal
746 Ronny Stonehouse Gingin
747 Rosalind Atchley Parkside
748 Roseanna Binion Paris
749 Rosella Denehy Grou
750 Ross Bartel Caffreys Flat
751 Ross Willams Kardaun
752 Royal Allan Barkow
753 Royal MacPherson St. Petersburg
754 Royce Kibby Norville
755 Rozella Cissell Littleton
756 Ruby Thomas RubyWIEdinburg RubyWIEdinburg RubyWIEdinburg
757 Russ McClure Jr. Generic Fresh Hat Garden withdrawal
758 Russell Chesser Skavinge
759 Russell Spaull Eichendorf
760 Ruthie Blanda Technician Applications virtual
761 Ryleigh Pfeffer III Sleek Fresh Hat alarm Maryland
762 Sadhan Roy Central Academy for State Forest Service Superintendent Ri Bhoi
763 Sadye Brigham Stokkseyri
764 Sagar Pandey Central Academy for State forest MTS Assam
765 Sakshi Singh BCG Admin Assistant SOUTH WEST DELHI
766 Sallie Giroux Hofling
767 Sally Selby
768 Sam Verdi
769 Sam Jackson Ehingen
770 Sam Klein Schweikhof
771 Samantha Whittington Kites Hardwick
772 Sanford Mccloskey Katwijk
773 Sanjeev kumar Mantec Consultants Pvt. Ltd. QA-Supervisor New Delhi
774 Sanjiv Kohli Indus Industries C E O Delhi
775 Santo Huntington Florida
776 Santos Lopez Warszawa
777 Sara Aquino Tennenbronn
778 Sarah Lancaster Klingelbach
779 Sarvpreet Singh Rotary Club of Delhi South Hony. Secretary New Delhi
780 Savanah Sipes circuit integrated Coordinator
781 Sean Barry Hart
782 Sebastian Anderson Harderwijk
783 Seher Brara CeQur Marketing Intern Los Angeles, CA
784 Selena Bardolph Pfenninglanden
785 Selene McGuire Mogi-Guacu
786 NA
787 SHAHID MANZOOR DAR Ok Ok Anantnag kashmir
788 Shana Collick Kirknewton
789 Shania Cummerata wireless International auxiliary
790 Shanna Gatewood Garstang
791 Shari Ruddell Reykjavik
792 Shayla Belton Lybster
793 Shayna Lash Little Rock
794 Shayna Lipscombe Houtaing
795 Shayne Holmwood Vaglio Serra
796 Shelley Drakeford Caprile
797 Shellie Stawell Stawell Borger
798 Shelton Imes San Diego
799 Shenao-shop.pV shenao-shop.pV
800 Sherita Krenngraben
801 Shirin Khajuria Chambers of Shirin Khajuria Advocate New Delhi
802 Shoshana Shead St. Petersburg
803 Shyam Krishna dubey Mantec consultants pvt. ltd. Q/A Dehli
804 Sidney Crompton Cagnes-Sur-Mer
805 Sienna Arteaga Kitchener
806 Sienna Clancy Lemnos
807 Sienna Conti Kappeln
808 Sima Twopeny Chassepierre
809 Siobhan Marx Cugnasco
810 Sophie Hughes SophieILEl Paso SophieILEl Paso SophieILEl Paso
811 SOVON SARKAR Central Academy for State Forest Service Multi Tasking Staff Byrnihat, Assam
812 Staci Liceasto
813 Stacie Palmas
814 Stefanie Boothby Kopasker
815 Stephan Milerum Hvammstangi
816 Stephen Jones Bolungarvik
817 Steve Rickmaw Qttxybfv F
818 Steven Ross Delatite
819 Subhash Mehra NA Retired Bareilly U P
820 Sudhir Gupta Rotary club of Delhi Panchshila Park Secretary New Delhi
821 Sunil Chandra Army Maj Gen DELHI
822 Surya Kant Srivastava Mantec Consultants Pvt. Ltd. Sr. Manager Noida
823 Susana Schulte Tours
824 Sushil Kumar Mantec Consultants Pvt Ltd. IT manager Noida
825 Sven Brigham Skultuna
826 Swen Mahaffey Agra
827 Sylvia Desaillly Kappelen
828 Tabatha Elverum
829 Tabatha Denney Frugarolo
830 Tamela Clements Shotleyfield
831 Tami Archibald Patos De Minas
832 Tamie Rankine Brunn
833 Tanesha Blackwood Parchim
834 Tanesha Wiegand Heathmere
835 Tatiana Rodman New Arley
836 Ted Webre The Vauld
837 Tegan Loncon
838 Tegan Necaise Woerden
839 Teresa Jacksonville
840 Terese Chicago
841 Terese Dunning Vedum
842 Terrell Henripont
843 Thalia Truchanas NA
844 Theo Madison
845 Theresa Coley Angers
846 Thomas Rosson
847 Thomas M. Normert Miami
848 Thomas Mohamed Winklern
849 Thomas Murphy Garden City
850 Thomas Norm Loderup
851 Thomas   Anderson Roata Rossi
852 Thomas   Brown Taufers Im Munstertal
853 Thomas   Davis Rocchetta
854 Thurman Stukes NA
855 Tim Johnson Stockholm
856 Toby Sandrocks
857 Todd Velp
858 Tom Scheid Colpalombo
859 Tonia Utley Dwellingup
860 Tonja Ormond Madonna Delle Lacrime
861 Tony G Toulouse
862 Tony G Horgen
863 Tony Vanguard Baton Rouge
864 Tony Willson Redbank Creek
865 Tori Hammond Fort Mill
866 Torsten Kinchela Landsberied
867 Tricia Jess Lyon
868 Trinidad Lundstrom Dinteloord
869 Trinidad Wharton Porsel
870 Trudy Kennemer Anderslov
871 Tyler Mcintyre New York
872 Tyler Pratt Rasta
873 Tyrell Mcintyre New York
874 Tyrell Thomas New York
875 Tyson Slaton Hilterfingen
876 Udbhav PEC Chandigarh Student JAMMU
877 Unique Kreiger V deliverables tan incremental
878 Vai Marietta
879 Vallie Weiss Bordeaux
880 Velva Rolfson Electronics initiatives pixel
881 Veola Melville Oslo
882 Vicki Spradling NA
883 Vicky Tiw Centerville
884 Vijay Pahwa Dignity Foundation Trustee Gurgaon
885 Vilma Hannah Brescia
886 Vilma Ponce Denstone
887 Vineet Jain Veevin Corporation Owner New Delhi
888 Violet Huxley North Johnston
889 Virginia Beer IV magenta compress Alabama
890 Walker Martin Kniewas
891 Wanda Stoll Veghel
892 Wayne Rubinstein NA
893 Wendell Vallejo Arlington Heights
894 Wesley Hanlon Gouda
895 Wilhelmina Esters Aston
896 William T Girardin Mount Cole Creek
897 William   Jones Arzberg
898 William  Smith Tours
899 Willow Evans WillowOKBakersfield WillowOKBakersfield WillowOKBakersfield
900 Winfred Percival Munchen
901 Wyatt Foster WyattNMFairfield WyattNMFairfield WyattNMFairfield
903 Yogesh Kapur Axis Capital Ltd MD new delhi
904 Yvonne Savsjo
905 Zachariah Kulas Berkshire Connecticut Concrete
906 Zayne Krebs Uyre Hh na
907 Zelma Kris moratorium clear-thinking monitor
908 Zita Knebel