Why you should sign the green pledge ?

“All of us as a citizen of this planet can play a role in helping to reduce pollution and improve environment parameters . We can do this by making a simple pledge to act as a responsible citizen and therefore you are requested to please sign the Green Pledge. Thank you for your supporting the commitment to the environment to benefit the present and future generations by your simple and easy to do actions as mentioned in the Green Pledge”.
By: PP Rtn Arvinder S. Brara
Chairman & Managing Director
Mantec Consultants Pvt. Ltd.


I, as a responsible citizen, interested in improving the environment parameters in my city, pledge to do the following :

Air Pollution :

Water Pollution:
  • Will not throw any garbage in the rivers or water bodies.
  • Will not discharge any untreated waste in the rivers or water bodies.

Water Conservation:
  • Bathing : Will use a bucket and mug instead of shower or running water.
  • Brushing : Will close tap when not in use.
  • Vehicle Washing : will use cloth and a bucket of water instead of hose pipe.
  • Floor Washing : Will use wet cloth for mopping instead of hose pipe.
  • Gardening : Will use a sprinkler or drip irrigation instead of using hose pipe to flood the area.
  • Toilet Flushing : Will use smaller tank or will put a brick in the large tank to reduce water storage quantity.
  • Leaking Taps, faucets valves etc: Will attend leaking taps immediately.
  • Close Taps Fully : Will close taps fully in wash basins, baths and WCs to stop dripping of water.
  • Washing Clothes / Dishwasher : Will use washing machines and dishwashers to economise on usage of water.
  • Rain Water Harvesting : Will collect rain water to recharge the ground water or store it for appropriate use.
  • Will use the waste water of RO Unit for watering the plants.
  • Will encourage RWA to install sewage recycling facility and use the treated water for gardening.
  • While considering buying a plot or flat I will encourage builder to recycle sewage for using treated waste water for gardening or will encourage builder to use soak pits for natural treatment of sewage. Zero discharge will be the goal.

Noise Pollution:
  • Will not blow horns unnecessarily.
  • Will not use high decibel loud speakers in the marriage or other functions.
  • Will turn off Appliances at Home and offices like TV, Games etc when not in use.
  • Will follow the Limits of Noise levels as per rules.
  • Will go Green by planting trees to reduce noise levels and improve the environment.

Management of Solid Waste
  • Will segregate Kitchen waste , recyclable bottles and cans and paper waste by having three containers for the same.
  • Will do composting where applicable which enriches soil, helping retain moisture and suppress plant diseases and pests and also reduces methane emissions from landfills and lowers carbon footprint.
  • Will give valuable metals, glass, paper, etc. for recycling as all these materials could be reused instead of filling-up landfills. Some of the valuable metals such as copper, aluminium, iron, steel, etc, can be very easily recycled and turned into profit. Recycling can significantly reduce the emission of greenhouse gases. It can save on non-reusable resources as well as water and landfill space, and most of all it can save energy.

Make the green pledge
by filling your details below:


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19 Andreas Dwyer Westzaan
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23 Anthony Russell AnthonyMSPueblo AnthonyMSPueblo AnthonyMSPueblo
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28 Aryanna Harber Utah Oklahoma neural
29 Ashly Cazneaux Lodz
30 Ashok Taneja Shriram Pistons & Rings Ltd MD & CEO New Delhi
31 Ashutosh Mishra Mantec Consultants. Pvt Ltd Manager Administration and Legal New Delhi
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